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Here's How: Refinish a Countertop to Look Like Real Granite

James Dulley on

When you have it as smooth as you like, roll on a clear sealing coating. It is very thin, almost like water, so it does not get cloudy or puddle on the surface. This brings out the stone color even more. Apply a second thin coat, and wait a day to use the counter.

Another type of simulated granite countertop kit, Transformations, available at, uses an adhesive base coat, special wetting agent, decorative chips and two-part finish coating. This kit includes a special sanding block, a stone particle shaker and a spreader. This is best done as a two-person project because you must work fast when applying the chips.

Roll on the adhesive coating evenly, and make sure it stays wet by spraying on wetting agent. Using the chips spreader, turn a crank handle, which throws a spray of chips out the front. Cover the surface evenly with chips. When dry, vacuum off loose chips and lightly sand the surface for evenness. Stir the two topcoat liquids together. You will have about four hours to use it before it sets up.

Another kit from also used a base coat for the background color. Once this dark coat is dry, use sponges from the kit to dab colored chips in a liquid base and onto the surface. There are several colors, so you can determine the final pattern and appearance. Each counter will look slightly different. There is a practice test sheet included. Finish the surface with a clear topcoat.

When using any of these kits, it is wise to slightly round sharp edges with sandpaper. For better durability, I used a small brush to put a third sealer coat along the rounded edge where there will more contact and wear.



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