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Here's How: Parquet Hardwood Floors Are Easy to Install

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Dear James: We like hardwood parquet floors, but it is expensive to have them installed. Are do-it-yourself parquet flooring "kits" easy to install for inexperienced DIYers? -- Chris H.

Dear Chris: The two primary types of hardwood flooring are traditional long strips and parquet. If you are an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer without a power saw...Read more

Here's How: Select the Proper Handsaw for the Job

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Dear James: I am planning some major home improvement projects, but I am not comfortable using power saws. There seem to be a hundred designs of saws at the hardware store. Which one is best for home projects? -- Debra A.

Dear Debra: It is good you have a healthy respect for the hazards of using power tools, especially saws. With advancements ...Read more

Here's How: Build A Fireplace That's Not Smoky

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Dear James: Whenever we use our great room fireplace, some smoke comes out into the room. I am going to add one to the master bedroom. How can I keep the new fireplace from being smoky? -- Ron T.

Dear Ron: You definitely are not alone with the problem of a smoky wood-burning fireplace. More than half of fireplaces cause some smoky conditions ...Read more

Here's How: Design Techniques for a Small but Functional House

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Dear James: I plan to build a ranch house for myself and my two children. I am on a tight budget, so it must be small (about 1,500 square feet). What are some good tips for designing a livable small house? -- Amy B.

Dear Amy: With proper design concepts, a 1,500-square foot house can provide more than adequate living space for you and your two ...Read more

Here's How: Finish Woodwork With Beautiful French Polish

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Dear James: Will you please explain how to apply a French polish on old woodwork that needs to be refinished? I have heard it is very beautiful and might be a good choice for some natural cherry woodwork? -- Kyle H.

Dear Kyle: Old cherry woodwork is absolutely beautiful, so take care in refinishing it. It is a stable, durable species of ...Read more

Here's How: Install Your Own Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

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Dear James: I am planning to sell my house, and I want to install some wall-to-wall carpeting inexpensively. I got a good deal on some carpet, but installation is costly. How can I install it myself? -- Ron S.

Dear Ron: When you get a quotation for new carpeting from a carpet store, it almost always is an installed price with new padding. The ...Read more

Here's How: How to Stiffen a Weak, Bouncy Floor

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Dear James: I just bought an older home. It seems to be constructed well, but the floors are bouncy to the point of being annoying. What are the various techniques for making the floors stiffer? -- Karen N.

Dear Karen: A floor should be somewhat resilient to make it comfortable to walk and stand on. If you have ever worked in a factory or a ...Read more

Here's How: Various Types of Electrical Circuit Protectors

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Dear James: My children are getting old enough to use small electrical appliances, radios, etc. Can you tell me about the various types of fuses and circuit breakers for their and my protection? -- Jimmy F.

Dear Jimmy: People often think of protection from being shocked, and some devices do this, but house fires are also a serious problem. ...Read more

Here's How: Install a Concrete Driveway Properly to Avoid Cracks

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Dear James: I am tired of repairing and sealing my asphalt driveway, so I want to replace it with a concrete one. Some seem to hold up well, and others crumble and crack. Why do some hold up so much better? -- Alexandra F.

Dear Alexandra: From an aesthetic standpoint, the driveway is the first thing guests see and walk on when they visit your ...Read more

Here's How: How To Evaluate and Select a Building Lot

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Dear James: I am looking for a building lot. The nicest lots have already been taken in subdivisions. What should I look for in a lot, even if none of them appear to be perfect for my house? -- Michael Y.

Dear Michael: In many new subdivisions, the best lots are sold to the representing realtors' clients long before the average person is even ...Read more

Here's How: Keep Moisture out of Walls To Avoid Rotting

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Dear James: I am in the planning stage for a new home. My previous stucco home had serious damage for rotting lumber. What is the best way to avoid the same problems in the new home I am building? -- Lynn R.

Dear Lynn: By far, the majority of problems with rotting lumber in a house can be traced back to excessive moisture and persistent ...Read more

Here's How: Refinish a Countertop to Look Like Real Granite

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Dear James: I have an old laminate kitchen countertop still in good shape. I want to refinish it myself so it looks like real granite. What options do I have? -- Sandra N.

Dear Sandra: There are several do-it-yourself refinishing kits you can buy to provide a durable, real-granite or stonelike appearance. They are available at most home center ...Read more

Here's How: Make a Room-Size Steam Room in Your Bathroom

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Dear James: I like sitting in the steam room after a workout at my health club. I know where to buy a small steam generator. Will I need to replace my bathtub, or can I just add some new glass doors? -- Justin H.

Dear Justin: A steam bath can be both relaxing and therapeutic. Although you would think steam baths are used more often during the ...Read more


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