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Everyday Cheapskate: 3 Easy Steps to Curb the Disease to Please

Mary Hunt on

I could never be a medical transcriptionist. It's not the typing or the doctors' handwriting that would deter me. My problem would be reading the symptoms and medical conditions. I'd have all of them. To say that I am easily influenced is like saying the Titanic sprung a leak.

Knowing this about myself, I wasn't all that surprised to end up with yet another condition after watching an episode of "Oprah" devoted to the disease to please.

I passed Oprah's "Do You Have the Disease to Please?" self-diagnosis quiz with flying colors.

Do you ever say yes when what you really want to say is no?

Of course, I do. Doesn't everyone?

Are you fearful of disappointing others?


You bet. It's not cheap to make sure no one is ever disappointed.

Or how about this one:

Is it important to you to be liked by nearly everyone in your life?

I whipped through that quiz in about 10 seconds flat, answering every question yes, yes, yes, yes and ... yes! And that's when I had to admit that this is not something imagined. I test positive for the disease to please.


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