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Everyday Cheapskate: How I Got My Kids To Stop Whining in Only 3 Days

Mary Hunt on

For this mother of two young, world-class whiners, the techniques described in the booklet seemed way too simple to be effective, the promised results too good to be true. In desperation, however, I decided to give the anti-whining program -- guaranteed to be appropriate for toddlers and up -- my best shot by following the simple daily instructions.


Whenever a boy whined, I got down to his level, looked him straight in the eye and said in a firm yet gentle voice, "Stop whining! I cannot listen to you when you whine because it gives me a headache."

Next, I imitated what he said and how he said it, right down to his nasally, high-pitched, singsong tone. Last, I restated what he had said in a grown-up voice, leaving out the complaining and blaming, and required him to repeat it to me in his normal voice.

I did this no fewer than 967 times before bedtime on Day 1.



On the second day after I demonstrated the correct way to communicate, the author instructed I was to turn away and ignore the child until he restated on his own without whining, blaming or complaining.


On this day in our anti-whining journey, if either boy whined, I was to turn away and ignore him completely as if he were invisible. The boys would get my attention only when they did not whine.



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