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Everyday Cheapskate: How Getting Through Hard Times Makes Us Stronger

Mary Hunt on

Discouragement plagues all of us from time to time. If you're discouraged about your situation -- be it financial, family, job or just basic uncertainty about the future -- there are some things you can do to counter those feelings and attitudes. The most important is to know this will not last forever.

Let's say your neighbor just got a fabulous, brand-new vehicle. You are overwhelmed by feelings of desire and envy. There was a time when you would begin immediately to find a way to get a new car, too. But things are different now. You have a new set of values. You no longer make financial decisions impulsively.

The car you have already is paid for and meets your family's current needs. But still, those feelings are bubbling up. Just as soon as you recognize them, start erasing!

Replace those destructive attitudes with thoughts of paying for your next vehicle with cash -- of not making huge monthly payments, not paying triple insurance premiums, not paying $400 for the annual registration fee, not forking over $600 for that 50,000-mile tuneup.

You can choose to counter negative attitudes by replacing them quickly with positive ones. Here are some examples:

-- I never have enough money. I am so thankful for a regular paycheck.


-- It's not my fault. Even though I wasn't 100% to blame, I take full responsibility -- I will find a way through!

-- This is too difficult. This is challenging!

-- I want it now! Waiting builds my character.

No matter what's going on, things are not hopeless. Consider some things you can do starting now -- today -- to get back on track:


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