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Everyday Cheapskate: 3 Ways to Clean a Bathtub That Are Easy on the Back and Knees

Mary Hunt on

Cleaning the bathtub is one of those housekeeping chores that's more pain than pleasure for those with health issues that make bending and kneeling difficult. So hard on the back and knees that it just doesn't get cleaned well. Here to the rescue are three very effective and efficient ways to keep any bathtub sparkling clean -- even a tub that is deep and/or jetted.


You'll need blue Dawn dishwashing liquid and a clean broom. Make sure the broom is super clean or you're just going to transfer its dirt to the tub, which would make no sense. A new broom you'll dedicate to bathtub cleaning makes a lot of sense. Check the dollar store.

Get the broom wet, shake it out and set it aside.

Squirt blue Dawn around the bottom and sides of the tub, doing your best to hit any visible dirty spots. Using the broom, scrub the soap all around the surface of the tub.

Last, rinse all of that soap, dirt and scum down the drain. If you have a hand-held shower wand, use it. If not, use a bucket or other receptacle you can fill, and wash down the sides and bottom of the tub.


You can substitute another kind of dishwashing liquid, but nothing cuts through grease, dirt and scum like blue Dawn.


For this method, you'll need blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, plain white vinegar and an empty spray bottle.

Open the bathroom window or turn on the ceiling fan. Or both.


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