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Everyday Cheapskate: Worst and Best Ways to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Mary Hunt on

You just paid a small fortune for new eyeglasses. On top of the cost for prescription lenses and fashionable frames, you opted for anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV-protection coatings. After all, eyesight is a precious thing, and it's only wise to do all you can to protect it, right? Absolutely! But here's the deal: You may be destroying your investment one cleaning at a time.

Modern-day lens coatings are revolutionary in the way that they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and provide comfort. And these coatings are fairly durable. Just know that anti-scratch does not mean 100 percent scratchproof. Rather, it somewhat helps to prevent minor scratches that could easily develop on a regular lens.


Pay attention to these things you can never, ever use to clean eyeglasses because they can break down the coatings, strip them of their qualities and leave a mess instead.

--Wood pulp in paper towels and facial tissues, and the tiny fibers in shirt fabrics. They can make fine scratches that will eventually create a kind of visual haze that's impossible to remove. Think of paper and fabric as extremely fine-grit sandpaper.

--Window cleaner, glass cleaner and mirror cleaner.





--Lemon juice.


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