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Everyday Cheapskate: Easy Ways to Cut the Soaring Price of Gasoline

Mary Hunt on

Only a few months ago I paid $1.87 a gallon for gas in Thornton, Colorado. That's more than dollar cheaper than I paid this past week at the same location -- $3.05 per gallon! What's going on?

According to Forbes, the price for a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil tested the $70 earlier this month, before closing at $69.62. That may be great news for oil producers around the U.S., but it's bad for America's families getting ready to hit the road for summer vacations.

And sadly, I have even worse news for travelers. Given industry predictions and what's coming out of Washington, D.C., these days, the price at the pump won't be going anywhere but up in the foreseeable future.

While there's precious little any one of us can do about the national economy, we can do something about our personal economies.

To save a gallon of gas, you need to cut about 22 miles of driving. Here are 17 easy ways to do that:

1. Hop on the Bus, Gus


Even if you assume it's not an option for you, consider public transportation. Or carpool. Sharing the ride -- and expense--with another person regularly can cut your gas costs in half.

2. Take It Easy

The faster you drive, the more gas you use. If your average commute includes 20 miles of highway time and you drive it at 60 mph instead of 70 mph, it will take you only three minutes longer to get there, and you'll save approximately 1.3 gallons of gas in a five-day workweek.

3. Shop Online


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