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Everyday Cheapskate: How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

Mary Hunt on

Baking soda


Essential oil, optional

Mix the baking soda, cornstarch and optional essential oil in a small mixing bowl. Transfer to a shaker (such as a large salt shaker or an empty clean Parmesan cheese container). This makes it super easy to sprinkle into your hair but also allows you to close the lid to keep it dry between uses.

It is super easy to use dry shampoo. Apply a small amount, sprinkling it through your hair and then working it into the roots with your fingers or a hairbrush. Or you can use a makeup brush by dipping it into the dry shampoo and then dabbing it into the roots. Allow to sit for a few minutes to absorb the greasy oil, and then brush it all away with a good hairbrush.


If you have dark hair, you may notice that this dry shampoo leaves a whiteish haze around the roots. This will dissipate, so don't worry. However, to avoid this from happening, you can add natural color to your dry shampoo. For brunette hair, add a small amount of dry cocoa powder. Cinnamon works for reddish-brown hair. Remember you're going to brush most if not all of this out, but any residue that remains will take on the color of cocoa or cinnamon.


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