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Everyday Cheapskate: How to Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

Mary Hunt on

Do you ever notice how your hair hurts when you haven't washed it in a few days? Hey, washing and styling can be so time-consuming! It's not just you; greasy hair pain is a thing.

There's a legit reason for this, having to do with oils that your scalp produces naturally accumulating around the hair shaft. A great dry shampoo can stem the tide. It does wonders to prevent the problem because it absorbs that excess oil so you can just brush it out.

More than that, dry shampoo can extend a blowout for days, bring life to limp hair or make it look as if you've actually showered when you're too lazy to wash your hair (not judging).

Listen, we've all gone a few too many days between shampoos. Some of us frequently rely on a good dry shampoo to stem the tide. And as you may have noticed, not all dry shampoos are created equal. Some feel sticky, which can weigh hair down. Others leave weird, whiteish chunks clinging to the hair, resembling a bad case of dandruff instead of the look of freshly washed hair. Worse? Quality dry shampoos containing hard-to-pronounce, weird ingredients can be super pricey.

Making your own dry shampoo solves all the problems: You'll know with certainty what's in it; it works really well; and it costs only pennies!

It's so easy and quick to make a batch of super absorbent, easily removed dry shampoo.


You'll need:

5 minutes

A shaker container

Small mixing bowl


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