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Everyday Cheapskate: 11 Ways To Solve It With Salt

Mary Hunt on

Sometimes, the very thing you need to solve an ordinary household problem is sitting right in the pantry. Take salt, for example. It's amazing stuff! And it's cheap, too.

I have a favorite little book: "Solve It With Salt" by Patty Moosbrugger. Just look at all the things Patty says we can do with ordinary, inexpensive table salt to make our lives better.


Dump a bunch of ice cubes into the garbage disposal followed by about a half-cup of table salt. Turn on the disposal while running a small stream of water down the drain. Use a long-handled wooden spoon, or something similar, to carefully push all the ice into the running disposal. Keep it on for at least two minutes, which should be long enough for all the built-up gunk and grime to begin falling off the disposal's blades. Turn off the water.


The uncomfortable stiffness of a pair of new jeans can be remedied by adding a half-cup of salt to the wash cycle along with detergent. Your jeans will be soft and supple the first time you wear them.



Salt can easily remove the gunk that builds up on the surface of your household iron. Sprinkle a little salt on a piece of wax paper or a soft cloth, and run the hot iron over it to remove all the buildup. Repeat as necessary. It works like sandpaper without scratching the iron.


Just a pinch of salt added to cake icing will keep it lovely to the last piece.


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