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Cheapskate Gourmet: Salad Dressings

Mary Hunt on

If you think eating well means eating out -- home delivery, pickup or dining in -- you may be feeling the effects of restaurant dining in your wallet, as the cost of restaurant meals is now soaring in ways we've not seen before.

Just this week, I was shocked to read the new (disposable) menu at a small local hamburger joint in our town. The same classic hamburger that was $7.95 pre-virus is now $11.95. Will prices decline as this thing settles down? I wouldn't bet on it.

It's time for us to change our thinking and start digging in to find realistic ways to save time and money.

If I can make the leap from being a diner in debt to making irresistible meals at home, which often taste even better and cost less than those from a restaurant, you can, too.

For many years (before there was a Food Network), I was uniquely privileged to sit under the personal tutelage of world-famous gourmet cooks -- the likes of Julia Child, Christopher Kimball, Martha Stewart, Martin Yan and Jacques Pepin.

Every weekend, I had standing appointments with one or more of them. They came right into my home and demonstrated unique techniques while I assumed a prone position, curled up in my favorite blanket, front and center facing the television. They sparked confidence in me. From that start, my love for making great meals economically has grown.


Today, I want to share my recipes for two versions of homemade Blue Cheese Dressing -- fresh, easy and tasty.


3/4 cup sour cream

1 1/3 cup mayonnaise


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