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Everyday Cheapskate: On Getting Organized

Mary Hunt on

Think you might tend to be slightly unorganized? Let's take this little quiz to find out!

Have you ever:

-- Not answered your phone because you couldn't find it?

-- Thrown away an entire Tupperware container because the contents had been in the back of the fridge so long that replacing it seemed preferable to cleaning it?

-- While searching for the Valentine's Day centerpiece, stumbled over the Christmas wrap purchased at the 50% off after-holiday sale two years ago?

-- Discovered that you have a warehouse quantity of partially full peanut butter jars in the pantry?


-- Written a phone message on the wall? With an eyebrow pencil?

-- Held to the philosophy that a gritty bathtub is much safer than a sparkling clean, slippery one?

-- Ended up giving a brand-new shirt to the Goodwill because you lost the sales receipt and just never got around to taking it back to exchange it?

-- Gone out to dinner for the sole reason that there wasn't one clean dish in the house?


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