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Everyday Cheapskate: Drive-Thru, Takeout, Food Delivery: Are They Safe?

Mary Hunt on

The news is constantly changing as experts learn more about the wicked virus that has invaded our world. Good, reliable information about food safety is absolutely crucial right now.

Restaurants have mostly moved into "to-go only" mode, closing their dining rooms but continuing to offer some combination of takeout, drive-thru and home delivery. Can we rely on any of these options to keep us safe? Should we?

Yes, we can stay safe, according to the Food and Drug Administration's current position, provided we take precautionary measures. Just keep this in mind: Ordering prepared food is not quite as safe as preparing your own food at home. But it is definitely a safer option than eating in a restaurant dining room, where the major risk is touching a table or another surface that has been touched by someone who is contagious.

Here are some things that experts are recommending we keep in mind when ordering food during this breakout:


We've heard it a million times already, but it bears repeating because it is pretty much the most important thing you can do, second only to, "Stop touching your face!"


Wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer) both before and after you receive your delivery. And, as always, wash your hands before you eat, even if you made the food yourself.


Contactless delivery is the new term, and it is defined as receiving your food without coming face-to-face with someone else. Bear in mind that your delivery itself will have made contact with at least one other person.



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