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Everyday Cheapskate: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth Money in the Bank

Mary Hunt on

Today's topic isn't pretty, but unless you have $8,000 earmarked to treat periodontal disease, an ounce of good dental care could prevent a lot of pain -- both dental and financial.

Periodontal disease is an infection that destroys the attachment fibers and supporting bones that hold the teeth in the jawbone and can destroy the bone itself. Bacteria gets caught between the teeth and also under the gums, forming a sticky substance called plaque, which hardens to form tartar.

This leads to an infection known as gingivitis. As it spreads deeper into the bone, it begins to decay, and pus forms, which causes swelling, redness and bleeding. If not treated, the teeth will come loose and fall out.

Removing soft plaque from the gum margin around your teeth will toughen your gums and prevent disease. Here's how:


Yes, before you brush. You need to do this with a good dental rinse designed for pre-rinsing.



Floss between the teeth and under the gums. This is the only way to effectively remove plaque from between the teeth. If you have difficulty flossing, purchase a floss handle or use a water flosser.


If you hate to floss for any reason at all, you really need to think about investing in a Waterpik device. They're cool, fun to use and cost a fraction of the price of a single professional cleaning.


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