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Everyday Cheapskate: Make Your Own Natural Nontoxic Ant Spray

Mary Hunt on

If you've ever had to deal with an invasion of ants, you may know the meaning of exasperation. While the kids think ants are so cute because of the way they march in formation, stop to help one another and work hard to prepare for their life challenges ahead, it's better to study these amazing creatures than to wake up and find a million or so feasting on that last piece of pie someone left out on the counter the night before. While commercial ant sprays work well, most brands are expensive, if not toxic.

Of course, there are dozens of homemade remedies for dealing with ants, from poisoning them with boric acid, to Borax, to ammonia, but even those ingredients can create toxic situations for crawling babies, pets and that salad you're about to make on the counter where you just dealt with the ant attack.


Today, I want to tell you about an effective recipe for a DIY all-natural ant spray made from ingredients that are toxic to ants but perfectly safe for pets and people. (Note: If you have cats, please do your own research.)

This recipe is quick, highly effective and so handy. Just grab and go whenever you see a problem. You are going to love it.

Compared with the cost of an annual visit from an exterminator (around $200, depending on where you live and the severity of the problem), gathering the supplies to make this ant spray (initially about $20, depending on your source and what you have already) becomes a true bargain.



The ingredients are sensitive to light, which degrades their effectiveness in a big hurry. Keeping your ant spray in a dark glass container stored in a dark cupboard will extend its effectiveness for many months. Still, you want to make it in small batches of no more than 2 cups (16 ounces) at a time.

Never store pure essential oils in plastic bottles, as the oil can eat at the plastic and become ruined and ineffective in a short period of time.



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