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Everyday Cheapskate: Best Inexpensive Cordless Stick Vacuum

Mary Hunt on

And then it happened. Again. The Deik stick vac (it, too, has a 2-in-1 option, which is not the same, and I do not recommend it) went to discontinued heaven. I couldn't believe it. And neither could you, based on the number of emails I received!

But hold on. All is not lost!


And now for the third time. I thank you for your patience and the trust you have placed in me. We've been disappointed twice but hopefully not for a third time.

I am now the proud owner of yet another brand of cordless upright stick vac, and it's a honey. Please meet the newest member of my cordless stick vac family, the Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum.

I've been using the LiNX every day for more than a month. And yes, I purchased it myself. I did not receive review models from manufacturers. My opinions are my own -- I cannot be bought.

My new LiNX is remarkable in that it has every feature of both the Eufy and the Deik (it stands alone; has an On/Off switch; is lightweight, quiet, easily emptied and washed; and has a powerful lithium-ion battery, a "fuel" gauge, a long runtime, a swivel head and headlights) but with two added features we could have only dreamed of:


The LiNX battery is replaceable! It is located at the front and pops out easily -- no tools required. You can even buy the LiNX and an extra battery from the get go, or you can purchase a replacement battery later. Isn't that awesome?



This was a big surprise for me, and boy, was I excited. The LiNX has two settings: Suction Only for hard floor surfaces and Suction + Brush Roll for low-pile carpet. I love this feature! Switching back and forth is a cinch, too.

As for the price, I paid about $25 more for the LiNX than for the Eufy or Deik. But looking to the future and knowing that I will be able to replace the battery, I find that to be more than acceptable.


I have quite a lineup of stick vacs now: two Eufys (I grabbed a spare back when the price dipped to $69. I've given many for gifts, too) one Deik and a LiNX. One might wonder whether I've become a stick vac hoarder.

The Hoover LiNX Cordless Lithium-Ion Stick Vacuum Cleaner is now our Best Inexpensive cordless stick vac.

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