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Everyday Cheapskate: An Important Update on Best Inexpensive Bed Sheets

Mary Hunt on

For some time, I'd been toying with whether or not to write this post on bed sheets. For months, I'd been researching, testing and assessing sheets with the goal of identifying what I could offer you as the Best Inexpensive ones.

You may recall that about two years ago, I did achieve my goal. And then, some things changed. One of our Best Inexpensive options was discontinued! Since then, new options have appeared.


When it comes to bed sheets, I am particular. Call me a sheet snob.

It's not a matter of decor or brand. It's the way the sheets feel. They should be smooth and wrinkle-free. They need to breathe and not stick to me. But they can't be slick, slippery, crunchy or noisy.

For me, sheets have to fit well, too. Above all, my sheets must be 100% cotton. Not linen, not microfiber or polyester or any other type of fiber or blend thereof.


For my testing, I purchased contenders from luxury brands to less pricey ones. Companies did not send me samples to test.

Here are the sheets, along with my reviews.


Price: $260 (Cal king)


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