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Everyday Cheapskate: Mistakes Teach Us What Doesn't Work

Mary Hunt on

It doesn't work to buy a 7,000-gallon blow-up swimming pool.

Actually, I didn't know such a thing existed, so I can't even argue it was something we needed. Standing there in the middle of the Home Show I managed to pull off the impulse purchase of the century (thankfully, this was in the last century). That was a mistake that just kept on giving lessons to be learned until the day several years later we begged Goodwill to just take it away. Please.

It doesn't work to carry more than $100 cash.

Carrying a single $100 bill, which I keep tucked into a secret place in my wallet, is for me a great deterrent for overspending. I don't feel broke, but it's a bill I hate to break. It is also the tipping point. Carrying more than $100 creates a feeling of excess that burns a hole in my wallet. The overage simply disappears.

It doesn't work to pay for Christmas with credit.

When it comes to mistakes, depending on credit to bridge the gap between what you earn and what you spend is a big one. Debt is a terrible liar, insisting that while you don't have the money today, you'll have it next month. Or the next. Debt keeps you stuck in the past, always stealing from the future.

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Thankfully, debt is reversible -- provided you don't do it over and over expecting that eventually you will somehow get different results.

That would be insane.


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