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Letters to the Editor: Coffee Roasting, Beef Jerky, Freezer and More

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Comments on "Ask Me Anything: Vacuum Cleaner and Home Chef Packaging Material"

Dear Mary: I thought I would just write a quick response to your method of ice-pack disposal, since I'm a teacher. Instead of throwing out and/or recycling, schools would love them. There are daily situations that require the use of an ice pack, and we often don't have enough. I know I scooped a few from someone recently, and I would never say no if offered more. Thanks for your continual good advice. -- Sandra

Comments on Everyday Cheapskate Gift Guides

Dear Mary: As a wife who has received many unwanted kitchen and household items touted in your columns for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, my birthday and my anniversary, might I ask a favor of you? Would you please think twice about your timing on promoting these utilitarian items so close to gift-giving holidays? The last item I want, especially for Valentine's Day, is an Instant Pot. Men read newspapers and don't listen to what their wives would like to have for holidays; they listen to what you promote. Better yet, perhaps you could use your column to direct men on what women would really prefer to receive on a romantic holiday. -- Shari

Dear Mary: I never send emails. I am using my wife's account here, which I also sneak into when I need ideas for gifts to buy her. She has taught me how to find her file of your columns labeled "Gift Guides by Mary Hunt." You have saved my bacon more than a few times. She thinks you can read her mind, and I wouldn't doubt it. Thanks. -- Greg

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Comments on "Mailable Cookies to Make Someone's Day"

Dear Mary: When we sent hundreds of boxes of cookies to the military overseas, recipients told us they also ate and enjoyed the popcorn we used for packing! -- Rita


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