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Everyday Cheapskate: And Now, the Rest of the Take-My-iPhone-Please Story

Mary Hunt on

You may recall from a past column that after considering my options for what to do with my iPhone 5C (trade it in; sell it; consign it; auction it; donate it; or keep it) I'd decided to sell the phone to the online company that had given me the best cash offer.

That didn't happen.

Within hours of posting that column, I received the following message in my inbox offering me one more option:

Dear Mary: If you are willing to sell it to an individual, I'd be interested in your phone for my 16-year-old daughter. I can send you a check, and you could wait until it clears to mail me the phone if that would make you more comfortable (since you don't know me, even though I feel like I know you from reading your column every day for years). Just let me know if you are interested. -- Tammy

I quickly responded ...

Dear Tammy: Curiously, I haven't formally made the deal with Decluttr yet, so my phone is still here with me. If you feel comfortable, tell me about your family. Where do you live? What is your daughter doing this summer, and what are her hopes and dreams? -- Mary


That message prompted several more, and we chatted back and forth. I learned that her daughter Kelsey is an amazing teen, loves and excels in sports, and is very active in her church youth organization. Through our emails, I learned a lot about Tammy's family -- so much so that by the end of that second email I felt like I'd known them for years.

Dear Tammy: What a great story! Just lovely. What a wonderful family. Thanks for introducing me to you all.

Here's my counteroffer: Send me your mailing address. I'll put the phone into the mail first thing on Monday. Check it out, and make sure you can get it set up with a data plan and all. Then, as you are able and see a need for in your community, use the money you might have spent for a phone to bless someone or some project there.

Thanks for contacting me. This is blessing me far more than if I'd sent the phone off to Decluttr! -- Mary


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