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Everyday Cheapskate: 25 Ways to Save $1,000 a Month

Mary Hunt on

16. We made stuff last as long as we could and then determined to go for as long as possible before having to replace it.

17. I gave up my lunchtime Pilates class.

18. We drove less and walked more. I continue to walk 1/2 mile to work.

19. I got a second job, where I worked nights and weekends, which was also within walking distance of my house and daytime job.

20. We cut back all phone services (cell and landline) to bare bones.

21. We canceled maintenance contracts on everything but our computer.

22. We all gave up soda and replaced it with water.

23. We made our own Christmas gifts: baskets with homemade bean-soup mix and cornbread, with other goodies tucked in as well.


24. We brought our lunches from home all the time.

25. We sold stuff we didn't need at yard sales and resale shops and on Craigslist. We gave lots to charity, taking full advantage of the receipt to reduce our taxes.

It took four years, but Kathryn and Galen made it all the way to being debt-free. In that time, Galen became gainfully employed, which turbocharged their plan.

It was a thrill for me to watch Kathryn and Galen cross that finish line. Their commitment to living debt-free continues to be so inspiring.


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