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Everyday Cheapskate: 25 Ways to Save $1,000 a Month

Mary Hunt on

6. We re-evaluated our insurance needs and reduced premiums by more than $200 a month.

7. We quit salons in favor of beauty schools for haircuts.

8. We stopped eating out, except for very special occasions.

9. We started paying bills online, saving on the cost of postage, envelopes and time.

10. We borrowed movies from the library for free, instead of renting or buying.

11. We enjoyed entertainment opportunities that were free and local (open houses, festivals, fairs) and found them by looking in the paper.


12. We required our kids to pay for things we used to cover (cellphone, gasoline and clothes). We held family meetings to update ourselves on where we were and what we could do as a family to do better and save more.

13. We were committed to thinking long and hard together before we bought anything -- anything.

14. We did not use credit cards or any kind of "free financing." Period. We continue to pay for it now, or we don't buy it.

15. I did a lot more cooking from scratch by using stuff I had on hand and learning all I could to keep doing better.


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