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Everyday Cheapskate: 15 Facts and Uses for the 1-Cent Piece Are Worth Every Penny

Mary Hunt on

AS A TOOL. Use a penny for leverage to pry the lid from a difficult childproof medication bottle. Or, use it as a spacer when laying tile.

BALANCING ACT. Slip a penny under a wobbly vase to steady it.

CREATE A BALLAST. Tape a penny to the tail of your kite for a little more stabilizing weight.

REMOVE A BOLT. Use it as an impromptu screwdriver in a wide-slotted bolt or screw.

BUILD A SCULPTURE. Follow this link for inspiration to make a penny sculpture that will amaze your friends and make your mother proud: http://www.fincher. org/Misc/Pennies.

LEAVE A SIGN. Lay a penny on your loved one's grave marker each time you visit. Those who follow will catch on and follow suit.

COPPER FLOORING. Are you looking for something new in your bathroom or kitchen? If you have lots of spare pennies, perhaps you should try the copper penny flooring, as seen on Pinterest. At $2.56 per square foot (256 pennies laid in 16-by-16 squares), that's about as cheap as flooring gets. Not that ambitious? Go for a shiny new countertop instead, as seen on the EPBOT website.


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