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Everyday Cheapskate: Take My Mobile Phone, Please!

Mary Hunt on

Recently, I inherited a new-to-me iPhone 6. It's lovely. I'm grateful, but I didn't really need a new phone. My venerable iPhone 5c suited me just fine.

My unlocked 32-gigabyte bright green 5c is in excellent condition, with no damage, scratches or problems. I'm on a mission to discover my options for what to do with it.

Trade It In

Both Apple and Amazon have trade-in programs. Instead of paying out in cash, payment is made via gift cards.

--Apple. I input all of my data at and discovered I could trade in this phone in exchange for $55 worth of credit in a store or a $55 Apple gift card if I decided to mail it in.

--Amazon. Amazon has an online trade-in program for all brands of cellphones. After inputting the details of my iPhone, I received an offer of a $50.05 Amazon gift card for my phone.

Sell It

--Gazelle. The folks at Gazelle, who have an aggressive program for buying not only cellphones but also other electronics have offered me $45 for my phone. Reviews for Gazelle's service are excellent on ResellerRatings.

--Decluttr. This online company, with whom I have done business in the past, also buys and sells used cellphones, electronics, DVDs, CDs and books. It has offered me $51 for my phone.

Consign It


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