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House Calls: More Reader Comments on Home Staging

Edith Lank on

Readers are still sending in comments about the rant from a seller who resented trying to live in her professionally staged home while it was on the market. Some sellers agree, but say that staging is worth the discomfort. Some sellers disagree. And at least one reader evidently misread the letter.

Resenting 'Nasty' Answer

Ms. Lank: How you could respond so rudely to the readers trying to live in a staged house? Your reply was nasty and self-serving. Even using the term "rant" reveals that you think your approach is the only correct one. That's not fair, not logical, not professional and definitely not nice. --

Answer: Sorry if you thought you were reading my response. It was actually the seller herself who called her complaint a rant.

This next reader feels that professional staging is not worth it.

Staging Not Worth It


Edith: I know I'm late, but I wanted to comment on the staging scam. I've watched it grow exponentially in the last few years, and I can't believe the money that goes into it now. What a rip-off!

That being said, your advice for sellers to depersonalize their homes is entirely adequate. I followed this advice, but merely decorated with a bowl of Osage oranges and autumn leaves on the dining room table. Otherwise, making the house very clean and bright was all that was needed. I sold my house in what I was told was a slack period, a month or so. -- L. M.

Answer: From what you describe, it sounds as if you did your own staging.

Staging Helps the Buyer


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