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House Calls: Selling Out of State

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Ms. Lank: I recently read one of your columns in the paper. R and M.T. wrote that they inherited a property in a different state and wanted to sell it. They were being bothered with correspondences from people they thought wanted to buy the property. I think they would be amazed at how good the Realtors are there. We're from Maryland, and our son and daughter still live there. I think the Realtors there are better than the ones where we live.

I know two really great Realtors out there who have bought and sold properties for people in our entire family for years. If your reader wants their names, I would be happy to share them. --

Answer: Thanks for writing. I appreciate it. I never put readers in touch with each other, though. It's too much responsibility.

Years ago my husband, Norm, and I went to Montreal, Canada, to settle his cousin's estate. He was a reclusive hermit. We only had one day, a Sunday at that, to put this rundown, cluttered home on the market. Norm was an experienced Realtor, but we decided to drive around the neighborhood and call the phone numbers listed on Realtors' lawn signs.

Three local brokers came over promptly. Two of them gave us standard presentations about how great they were, but the third paid attention to our situation. He suggested about the same asking price the others did, but then he volunteered to take care of all sorts of matters that we wouldn't be able to take care of living out of town: Did we want him to arrange a cleanup crew for the house and call the post office first thing Monday? Had we found a key to the garage? Did we want to have an estate sale or offer the furniture to a specific charity?

He took the time to explain local procedures and how agents work with notaries. He was a Realtor from heaven. So, we just turned the whole process over to him.

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Two weeks later, he phoned to say that he'd found some money in one of the bedside tables in the house. He asked if he could use it to hold a Mass in honor of Norm's cousin.

It all ended in a smooth closing three months later.

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