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House Calls: Signing Purchase Contract

Edith Lank on

Open House

Ms. Lank: We are getting ready to list our house for sale, and the agent says when she has the first open house, the neighbors will probably come over. Is there anything we can do to prevent this? I do not like the idea of them looking in our closets or other places. --

Yes, your neighbors, who have always been curious about what's in your cupboards and attic, may well show up at the first open house. Your agent will probably welcome them and may even suggest inviting them. It's worth doing -- they may well have friends or relatives who have always wanted to live nearby.

The agent, of course, has an extra motive for being cordial: the hope of producing a successful sale and then being remembered when it's time to list the next house on the street.

What Happened?

Dear Edith: This all started when my father died. He had three apartments. It ended up being that my brother, brother-in-law and myself are owners.

My brother-in-law put in $30,000 for the remodeling of the apartments, and we owners went to the bank and got a loan for $30,000. The apartments have paid the loan off.

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My papers from the bank say I "conveyed" the land to my brother-in-law. What does that mean? Did I unknowingly give my apartments away?

Since we got the loan, I have not received any papers or information for income taxes. -- M. H.

Answer: You should have had a lawyer in the first place, and that's the person to consult now. Take all the papers you have to an attorney, and discuss this until you completely understand what took place.


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