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Answer: No matter how often assessments are reviewed and how careful an effort is made to keep them in line with possible sale price, assessed value is seldom a dependable guide to market value.

You may not need to pay for an elaborate appraisal. Sometimes a simple one-page report will do.

Ivy Keeps Coming

Dear Ms. Lank: I have lived beside my neighbor for over 40 years. He has never been much of an outdoor person and does very little to keep up his yard. Years ago, before his wife died, they had ivy planted in their entire backyard. She kept the yard up, but now, all he does is mow once in a while. At one time, they had a cement basketball court installed in their backyard, but that has been covered with ivy for many years.

In the last several years, the ivy has been spreading across the property line, and I constantly have to pull it away from my yard. When I mention the situation to him and encourage him to make a permanent improvement, he sprays some Roundup along the edge. Of course, that doesn't help for long.

Recently, I noticed a large spread of ivy from his yard behind the storage shed in my yard. I have a lawn service, and I asked them to take care of it for me. I mentioned this to my neighbor, and he said he would spray, but he's up in years, as I am. I told him that my lawn service was going to take care of the ivy in my yard but that he needed to do something to correct the situation permanently. I have very little hope of that happening.


He and I are not on the outs over this, and I don't want to create an unfriendly situation, but I'm wondering whether there are any steps I can take to prevent that but still get a permanent resolution to the ivy encroachment. Any suggestions will be appreciated. -- G. H.

Answer: Your lawn service may have some suggestions. I suspect, though, that your best bet is just to let them take care it, accept the situation and relax.


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