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House Calls: Tenant Selection

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Learn how to do things, especially with the instructional videos available online. Save money. -- T.

Answer: You're right about the sort of minor problems one should probably expect when buying previously owned property. That homebuyer did have one serious complaint, of course: She should have been told about the missing wallpaper that was hidden by the seller's living room furniture.

Old Deed Doesn't Count

Ms. Lank: My grandfather died recently. Years ago, I bought a lot that he owned in a village near his farm, and he gave me the original deed.

I never bothered to change the name on the deed. How would I go about doing it now? -- D. W.


Answer: In the game of Monopoly, handing over the Boardwalk card transfers ownership. In real life, it doesn't work that way. That old deed is proof that someone turned over the vacant lot to your grandfather -- and that's all. Think of it as something like a bill of sale.

It's time to consult a lawyer, and promptly. Too bad you didn't do that years ago when you first bought that lot. Good luck -- you may need it.


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