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Art of Design: Organizing Your Home

Joseph Pubillones on

Well-decorated rooms depend on a sharp sense of order, but living in a clutter-free environment requires a mastery of organization. Stylish staging can combat the "Ooh, I've got too much stuff!" shriek. Making life look glamorous and carefree is everything but. So here a few tips to make your things looks more like the staff at Buckingham's or your decorator ran through your place.

Keep decorative pillows and throws at a minimum, or pile them layer after layer on a deep sofa and never place them on benches or seats where they will likely fall down on the floor.

To accommodate the ever-growing issues of magazines, you needn't build anymore shelving or buy a new armoire, but rather create neat stacks under the coffee table, or might even pile up a stack high enough to use as a table with a lamp to top it off.

Gather framed photographs on one table or surface mixed in with things such as candlesticks and floral vases. Never display photos on coffee tables, these should be always kept free of tchotchke, except for your cup of coffee, cocktail or your feet.

China, crystal, silverware and linens should be kept in a clean confined cabinet free from dust.

Hang beautiful and unusual serving platters on a wall in your kitchen or dining area.

Dedicate one drawer to storing your candles and other fragrant oils and potpourri.

Top shelves in a closet are the perfect home for floral vases and other small accessories.

Buy a bed that's at least 11" off the floor allowing for storage bins below (perfect for off-season clothing or bedding). Add a long bed skirt and you've practically got another room.


Fabric or leather covered boxes organize remote controls, and look great stacked on tables, in shelfs or on consoles.

Edit the number of lamps in your living room. Place dimmers on all lamps...everyone looks better in soft light!

Make sure your dining chairs are evenly spaced and placed around the table. A slight tilt of any chair throws your room into complete chaos and makes for a messy presentation.

Be creative with that new piece of art bought on impulse. If your walls are full, placed your item at a slight angle on a chair. Believe me this ad-hoc easel will make your work stand out of the crowd.

The best kind of nightstands are those tiered with shelves or drawers to help you organize your bedside.

Add shelving to a small bathroom window and more storage for toiletries. Unused space over doorways and entrances can be used for storage of luggage or boots.

--While you are at it purge any unwanted items. It feels good to give so send some loot to your local charity or thrift shop.

These may seem like simple ideas, but they are tried and true. The more you organize your rooms, the better your interior design will appear. Simple living is something that takes work. Once you get into the habit of sporadically organizing your spaces, your house will always feel like a great place to come home to.

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