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Art of Design: Window Masquerade

Joseph Pubillones on

--You can also block a bad view with frosted glass. There are several ways that you can create the effect of frosted glass on your windows:

--Use a frosting spray, which you spray on your windows after thoroughly cleaning them.

--Apply a frosted film, which you can purchase from a hardware store.

--Another way to enhance the decor of the room, yet still block the bad view, is to use stained glass. Many people think that stained glass is only found in churches, but more and more people are using stained glass in their homes now. In fact, stained glass is a perfect window covering for a bathroom window. It blocks the view -- both going out and coming in -- but it allows plenty of light to shine through.


--Placing sun-loving plants on an interior windowsill can mask a bad view. It can also create an interesting focal point at the window.


--If your home allows, installing landscape in front of the window can not only mask a bad view, but it can also give you an instant view of a "garden."

--Another simple and effective way to fool the eye is by installing window boxes and planting them with lush flowers, green shrubs and vines. This will be appealing from both the inside and outside.


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