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Art of Design: Traditional and Hip - The Next Wave

Joseph Pubillones on

How can we create a room that is both traditional and hip? Many of us inherit furniture and hand-me-downs that have meaning in our lives because of the memories associated with them; perhaps there is a sofa you grew up with or a nice wingback your favorite aunt or uncle gifted to you. You can certainly discard them, but you may not want to. How do you integrate these family heirlooms into a home for your modern family?

Let's face it; not everyone feels at home in fussy rooms. What you're trying to create is a home that has a nod to traditional decor, but not your mother's version of it. Selecting fabric for traditionally shaped seating can be tricky because fabrics that have a print or pattern can define a piece as more traditional. In cases like these, I always suggest using solid fabric in a neutral tone so the focus is more on the shape than the actual style or period of the furniture piece.

Incorporating case goods such as a china cabinet or chest of drawers or bureau can be accomplished in a more contemporary setting when you use one or two pieces as accents and mix it up with other modern or current case goods. This will enable you to strike a balance, and you won't end up with your house looking like an antique shop or a museum. Another suggestion that I can offer for working with antiques is to highlight certain pieces by painting them a color such as white, pale gray or, if you are daring paint, a bold color like tangerine or turquoise. This is a way to add a punch of color, and it will certainly keep your room from looking stodgy.

In terms of art, if you have traditional pieces, hanging them as a collage or in a shape are ways to lend an air of modernity. Art is powerful, and a good way to jazz up a traditional interior is with contemporary art, especially abstract pieces in large formats. It energizes the decor and makes antiques feel fresh.

Accessorizing can have a big impact when paired with traditional decor. Less is more. One single yet significant item on a tabletop makes much more of an impact than a cluttered table full of knickknacks. Decorative pillows should be as large as your seating allows. I prefer a minimum of 24-by-24-inch pillows in a bold color or some fabric with a distinct pattern. The goal is to break some of the traditional rules and expectations so your rooms will look hip.


Finally, adding plants to a room makes it feel and smell alive. Adding a floral arrangement of a single color, such as yellow or white, can revive the most traditional decor. So, you see, incorporating antiques and traditional furniture can be done with a modern and youthful spirit. It's all in the mix.


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