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Art of Design: Deck the Walls

Joseph Pubillones on

If the walls could speak ... Well, sometimes they do! Wallcoverings can tell part of your story. They can say "Welcome!" or, "How are you?" and set the decorative style of your room. Are you ready for the latest trends? The good news is you can buy already designed wallcoverings or design your own.

In the world of decor, wallcoverings are known for their enormous impact. If used on only one wall, they can make it a focal point. If used all over a room, sometimes including the ceilings, they can awaken our senses. Besides the matter of animating a wall or creating a well-decorated room, wallcoverings can convey an overall mood or give you the sensation of traveling somewhere else.


Original, fanciful and also dreamlike, the magical world of artists such as Piero Fornasetti and Cole & Son can capture your interest and make your room unique. Other artists, such as Andy Warhol, have licensed some of their works to Flavor Paper as wallcoverings. Let the universe of artists speak to you, surprise you and decorate your day to day.


Before your eyes, vintage maps can be used on their own as wallcoverings or digitized in new, large formats, inviting you to experience the sensations of adventure and freedom experienced by naturalists and explorers.


If your passion is travel, maps might speak to you, reminding you of places you have visited or arousing your imagination about the discovery of other worlds. What will your next destination be?


Antique documents and illustrations can also be used or converted to wallcoverings. Some can be realistic renditions of botanical prints or vintage magazine illustrations. Trompe l'oeil or faux finishes can produce the optical illusion that what is represented is real. This approach to wallcoverings can be used for graphic or photorealist depictions.

Apart from the interpretation of the subjects, reproductions bring a retro touch to the decoration and create an enveloping atmosphere.


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