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Art of Design: Sleepover Guests

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With the holidays upon us, many of us will serve as hosts to friends, family and guests, some who you see only once or twice a year. Of course, family gatherings are a time to enjoy each other's company and let go...but what happens when someone overstays? In some homes, depending on a home's size or circumstance, there may be dedicated guest suite available. There are dos and don'ts for couch-surfing guests.

Exactly who gets to stay -- and where? Well, you certainly don't want any inebriated or tired drivers hitting the road; or there might be that relative that lives just a tad too far away. These are some of the folks you may have to prepare your home for.

Guests and family have an expiration date -- sometimes even an overnight is enough -- so as you plan what your guests may need for an impromptu sejour, keep in mind that there is such a thing as making the environment too comfortable.

Great hosts know the ins and outs.

An adequate sleeping surface is a point of departure. Whether it is a bed or sofa, make sure to give it a try some night, just to ensure it is comfortable to sleep in. Poking coils or flattened cushions make for a horrible foundation.

Is it dark enough to sleep? This doesn't entail full blackout window treatments, but you certainly don't want a stream of sunlight hitting your guest in the face an hour after they've gone to sleep. Draw or shut any window treatments you may have or make sure that your bed or couch is far enough from a window.

Style counts! Sleeping in a mix and match of bed linens is a no-no. Select a set of sheets that complements your decor. Your home's style and your graciousness are on parade when having guests, so play it up. A beautiful color-coordinated blanket is a must for any nighttime chills. If the time of the year warrants, this can be folded over the arms of your sofa or chair for and additional dash of pizzazz as a throw to the room.

Avail your overnighter of a small tray on a nearby table, where they can place any belongings i.e. mobile phone, eyeglasses, and/or keys. Point them to a closet and give them a nice hanger to allow them place their clothing and have an oversized t-shirt, which makes sleeping for anyone comfortable.

A small basket or zippered bag of toiletries is recommended. Usually this consists of a new toothbrush, toothpaste, a small soap and a washcloth or small towel, and a small pocket-sized comb, for brushing your teeth, washing your face and combing your hair.

In the morning, a good cup of coffee and a smile and you have stylishly hosted your guest(s). Let them know how much you've enjoyed having them over and your duties are done. Wave and say bye-bye now!


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