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Eric's Autos: 2023 Acura Integra

Eric Peters on

Certain models define a brand. What would Chevrolet be without Corvette? Ford without the F150?

Acura once had a model like that -- the Integra.

And now it does again.

What It Is

The Integra is Acura's upmarket version of the Honda Civic Si, which is the high-performance version of the otherwise economy-minded Civic.

Both cars are similar mechanically, being powered by the same 200 horsepower 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, paired with a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic -- but the Acura version is (interestingly) a five-door hatchback, while the Civic Si is a four-door sedan.


It's interesting because the hatchback layout nearly doubles the Integra's available space for cargo, making the Honda the less practical car of the two.

The new Integra's base price is $30,800.

An A-Spec equipped with larger (18-inch) wheels/tires, LED fog lights, contrast-color rear spoiler and interior trim upgrades (stainless steel pedals, contrast-stitching for the seat covers and door panels) lists for $32,900.

This version of the Integra is also the only version of this version of the Civic Si that is available with a six-speed manual transmission, which is offered as a no-cost option for those who prefer to shift for themselves.


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