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Eric's Autos: 2022 Mazda Miata

Eric Peters on

Here is a tonic for those who still see cars as more than just transportation:

Mazda no longer offers an automatic transmission in two out of three versions of the 2022 Miata, the company's much more than mere transportation car.

An automatic is still available optionally, if you swing that way. But, in contrast to the general practice, it is only available in the most expensive trim.

And you pay extra for it.

As it used to be, with automatics, which were designed to make driving a more passive activity, for those who just want to get there and back.

But that's precisely what the Miata's not all about.


What It Is

The Miata is a two-seat convertible sports car that's been in continuous production since 1989, outselling and outlasting numerous rivals along the way.

Prices start at $27,650 for the base Sport trim, which comes with everything a sports car ought to come standard with, including a manual transmission and a one-hand, throw-it-back soft top.

The Club trim, which stickers for $31,150, is even sportier. It comes standard with the same manual transmission, plus a limited-slip rear differential, strut tower brace, Bilstein shocks, wider (17-inch) wheels, and additional niceties such as heated seats and an upgraded nine-speaker Bose stereo.


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