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Eric's Autos: 2022 Toyota Camry

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You can still get a V6 engine in Toyota's Camry, which is the only remaining midsize/family-priced sedan that still offers more than a four-cylinder.

Part of the reason why this is so is that fours now make as much power as V6s -- but not without some help, in the form a turbocharger.

In theory, the payoff is higher gas mileage, without less power. But, in the case of the Camry versus its turbo four-powered competition, you don't get higher mileage or even the same power.

Those are pretty compelling reasons to be glad you can still get a V6 in this Toyota.

What It Is

The Camry is Toyota's midsize/family-priced sedan, similar to others in the class such as its main rival, the Honda Accord, as well as the Mazda6, Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5.


It differs from all of them in that none of them are even available with more than a four anymore.

The Camry also offers something else that's remarkably rare in this class: all-wheel drive -- just not with the V6.

Prices start at $25,845 for the base LE trim, which comes standard with a 203-horsepower four-cylinder engine; AWD is available optionally. So equipped, the price rises to $27,245.

You can also option the XLE and XSE trims with a 301-horsepower V6, which bumps the price up to $35,070 and $35,620, respectively.


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