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Eric's Autos: 2022 Genesis GV70

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Last year, Genesis launched the GV80, the first midsize luxury crossover SUV to be offered by Hyundai's luxury division, by using the bones, so to speak, of its G80 midsize luxury-sport sedan. This year, Hyundai's luxury division has done the same thing again, this time using the G70, its compact luxury-sport sedan, as the basis for the new GV70, its second luxury-sport crossover SUV.

Both aren't the same as so many other luxury crossovers because neither of them is based on the bones of a front-wheel-drive car. They are both based on rear-wheel-drive cars -- and that makes them handle and feel more like the RWD luxury-sport sedans they're based upon.

What It Is

As per the above, the GV70 -- emphasis on the V -- is a new compact-size luxury-sport crossover based on the G70 (no V) luxury-sport sedan. It has about the same overall footprint as its sport sedan progenitor but offers much more cargo-carrying space and ground clearance - both aspects enhancing the practicality factor.

Interestingly, given the GV70 is only about an inch longer than the sedan it shares its bones with, it also has about 3 inches more rear-seat legroom. This addresses the impracticality factor that besets compact sport sedans like the G70, which typically aren't especially comfortable to ride in if you have to ride in the back.

The GV70 also comes standard with a larger and much stronger engine than the G70 sedan -- and is available with an even larger and stronger optional engine than is available in the G70.


Prices start at $41,500 for the base 2.5T trim. A top-of-the-line GV70 3.5T stickers for $53,100.

What's New

The GV70 is a brand-new model.

What's Good


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