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Eric's Autos: 2022 Jaguar XF

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Jaguar -- the luxury brand known for its cars -- currently makes only two kinds of them. And only one of them is a sedan.

The rest are crossovers, which everyone else is known for making.

It makes one wonder why Jaguar decided to make them, too, as opposed to making more of what everyone else isn't making much anymore -- like the XF sedan.

What It Is

The XF is a midsize luxury-sport sedan that competes with the handful of other such sedans still on the market, including the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class sedans. Like them, it is available in both rear-drive and all-wheel-drive versions.

Unlike either of them, it is only available with a four-cylinder engine. It also comes standard with a much smaller (just 10.5 cubic feet) trunk than they do.


But it also carries a much lower starting price -- $47,000 -- than they do.

The Mercedes-Benz E350's base price is $54,950. A BMW 5 Series stickers for $54,200. That $10,000 difference makes up a lot for less space in the trunk.

Indeed, you can buy a top-of-the-line XF P300 R Dynamic -- which comes standard with a more powerful four-cylinder engine and standard AWD -- for $51,000 and still spend thousands less than what Mercedes and BMW are asking for the four-cylinder-powered (and less powerful) rear-wheel-drive versions of their luxury-sport sedans.

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