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Eric's Autos: 2022 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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The measure of luxury used to be amenities -- things like climate control air conditioning, leather seats (heated, even) and, of course, power everything.

The problem for luxury car makers is that everyone else has those things now, too. Even $20,000 new cars usually come standard with most of those things. At the $30,000 point, they're almost a given, as hubcaps being a part of the deal were ... 30 years ago.

Today, luxury cars are defined as much by their technology, and the just-redesigned Mercedes S-Class sedan has more of that than almost any other car.

What It Is

The S500 -- and its bigger-engine sibling, the S580 -- are the ultimate in luxury and technology available from Mercedes-Benz.

Well, shy of the ultra-luxury Maybach Benzes ...


Both versions of the S-Class sedan are full-size sedans that come standard with items that aren't generally optional in lesser cars, including door pulls that flush mount until the car senses your approach and then surface to meet your hand, and offer amenities such as a 30-speaker Burmester audio system with 4D resonators and rear-wheel steering.

The main difference between the S500, which stickers for $109,800 to start, and the $116,300 to start S580 is their powerplants.

If you opt for the S500, you'll get a twin-turbo V6/mild hybrid combo; the S580 comes with a turbocharged V8, also paired with the mild-hybrid system.

Both cars come standard with Mercedes' 4-Matic AWD system.


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