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Eric's Autos: 2022 Nissan Frontier

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Want the good news first?

The just-redesigned Nissan Frontier pick-up not only still comes with a V6 -- it's standard. Some of the others in this class - such as the Chevy Colorado -- come standard with a four. One of the others in this class -- the Ford Ranger - comes only with a four.

Ready for the bad?

There's no option to buy a less expensive four, which the previous Frontier used to come standard with -- along with a much lower base price.

And -- just like almost all the other trucks in this class - there's no longer an option to shift for yourself.

What It Is


The Frontier is Nissan's mid-sized pick-up truck. It competes with the other mid-sized trucks in the class, including the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma and the GM twins, the Chevy Colorado and its GMC-badged brother, the Canyon.

Prices start at $27,840 for a base S trim King Cab with 2WD with a six-foot bed. Adding 4WD bumps the sticker price to $31,040.

Crew cabs -- with four doors -- start at $29,340 for the base trim with 2WD, and you can choose either a six-foot or a five-foot bed. Adding 4WD bumps the sticker price to $32,340.

The range tops out at $37,240 for a PRO-4X trim (crew cab only) with 4WD. This one comes with more ground clearance than the other trims (9.8 inches versus 8.9 inches), Bilstein shocks, a locking rear differential, all-terrain tires and underbody skid plates.


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