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Eric's Autos: 2021 VW Jetta

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Soon -- in just a few years from now -- VW says it will only be selling electric cars. Right now, it is one of the few companies selling cars at all.

The rest are selling almost nothing but crossovers and SUVs.

VW also sells a car -- the Jetta -- with something else that you can't find anywhere else in a car like the Jetta.

What It Is

The Jetta is a very affordably priced compact-sized sedan that can serve as a family sedan because it is almost a mid-sized sedan in terms of its interior spaciousness and the size of its trunk.

But not what it costs.


It is also the only sedan left in the class that is still available with a manual transmission -- and not exclusively in the more expensive "sport" version, either.

Prices start at $18,995 for the base S trim, which comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission. You can opt for an eight-speed automatic, which bumps the sticker price up to $19,795.

The R-Line, which is fitted with fog lights, piano black trim and an electronically controlled limited slip differential, is also available with the manual ($22,795) or the automatic ($23,595).

SEL ($25,745) and SEL Premium ($28,045) trims come exclusively with the automatic. These trims are also eligible for VW's Digital Cockpit, which replaces the analog instrument panel with a configurable flat screen, along with a secondary LCD display for the infotainment systems.


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