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Eric's Autos: 2021 BMW X5 45e

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The main problem with electric cars isn't the range so much as the wait.

A gas-hog car that drains its tank dry in 200 miles or less can be back on the road in five minutes or less -- which makes its short range not much of a problem. But if you have to wait at least 30-45 minutes for your electric car to get going again after going 200 miles or less, then you've got a problem.

BMW addresses this problem by eliminating the need to wait -- unless you want to recharge.

In the new X5 45e.

What It Is

The X5 is BMW's midsize crossover. It seats five to seven in two rows or three rows.


It is based on BMW's rear-wheel-drive luxury-sport sedan platform, raised up for crossover duty.

It stickers for $59,400 to start for the base rear-wheel-drive sDrive40i; the new xDrive45e, which comes with a partially electric drivetrain and standard all-wheel drive -- plus an additional 54 horsepower -- stickers for $65,400.

What's New

The xDrive45e is added to the lineup, while the previously available V-8-powered xDrive50i has been dropped from the lineup.


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