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Eric's Autos: 2021 Genesis GV80

Eric Peters on

At the Curb

It's said -- and it's true -- that crossovers have become far more popular than sedans because they are so much more practical than sedans.

This is no less true of the GV80, which is based on the Genesis G80 sedan.

And looks it.

Even the front- and second-row legroom specifications are almost identical: 41.6 inches up front in the GV80 and 38.7 inches in back versus 41.1 inches up front in the G80 sans the V and 38.7 inches in the rear.

But there's nothing behind the rear seats in the G80, except for a small-for-its-size (13.1 cubic foot) trunk versus the 34.9 cubic feet of space behind the GV80's second row, which can be expanded to 84 cubic feet with the second row folded.

And there's that available third row, opening up space for seven people to ride in the GV80 versus the maximum of five that can fit inside the G80.


The Rest

All trims come standard with a completely digital main and 14.5-inch-long secondary touchscreen, the widest available in the class. All trims also come with at least a 12-speaker stereo -- with a truly epic 21-speaker Lexicon rig available optionally.

The Bottom Line

You coulda had a V-8 -- as the old commercial used to say. But it's not something you'll miss much in this case.


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