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Eric's Autos: 2021 Nissan Versa

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The Versa is smaller overall than an Altima -- which at 192.2 inches long is almost a midsize car by current standards and more than a foot longer overall than the Versa.

But the Versa has more legroom up front -- 44.5inches versus 43.8 in the Altima -- and not a lot less in the back: 31 inches versus 35.2.

It even has almost the same size trunk -- 14.7 cubic feet versus 15.4 in the Altima. But it costs almost $10k less to start than an Altima, which stickers for $24,300 to start.

The Versa's main worry is the Mirage, which is even more "subcompact" -- but roomier than midsize cars such as the Altima. The thing is only 169.5 inches long but boasts an incredible-for-its-size 37.3 inches of back seat legroom, though the driver and front seat passenger only get 41.7 inches and the trunk is subcompact-sized (12.4 cubic feet).

The Accent splits the difference, with 33.5 inches of rear seat legroom, 42.1 inches up front and a 13.7 cubic foot trunk.

The Rest

Unfortunately, you cannot get the very desirable heated seats except in the most expensive SR trim, and then they are a $400 option. They are included in the Hyundai Accent equivalent Limited trim.


Still, it's pretty amazing to find heated seats -- even as an option -- in a subcompact "economy" car.

At all.

The Bottom Line

Small isn't what it used to be -- and not just in terms of size.


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