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Eric's Autos: 2021 Nissan Versa

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What's New

The only change for 2021 is a $100 increase in the base price of the S trim -- but Nissan hasn't increased the price of either the mid-trim SV or the top-of-the-line SR for the new model year.

What's Good

It's a new car that doesn't come standard with a six-year mortgage.

The standard manual transmission puts some fun into the mix -- and helps keeps the price low.

A sub-$15k base price isn't deceptive advertising; necessary features such as AC do not cost extra. Nice features such as power windows, locks, a push-button ignition, a 7-inch LCD touch screen and a four-speaker stereo with three USB ports are all included.


What's Not So Good

The backseat is tight -- only 31 inches of legroom (the rival Mirage G4 has 37.3 inches of legroom).

The manual transmission is only available in base S trim.

Nicer features such as heated seats and adaptive cruise control are only available with top-of-the-line SR trim -- and cost extra.


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