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Eric's Autos: 2021 BMW M440i

Eric Peters on

At the Curb

Inside, you'll find a functional, close-fitting but not confining cabin.

The trapezoidal digital dash layout is a little funky, especially the tach, which hockey-sticks up in double digits from 00 to 10. Below this is the "charge tach," the meter that tells you how much juice is being added to the mix.

Other than this, the layout is direct and operative, with redundant knob/button controls you can use to avoid the LCD touchscreen while driving.

It is also a space-efficient car for the type of car it is, with a reasonable 34.5 inches of back seat legroom and a 12 cubic foot trunk.

The Rest

This BMW will unlock itself upon your approach -- and lock itself as you walk away. You can also change the radio station or increase or decrease the volume without touching anything. Just twirl your finger.


BMW calls this gesture control -- and it's handy when you're driving, since you don't have to fiddle with the controls while you're trying to focus.

The Bottom Line

The new M440i is a way to get last year's M4 for less money -- and that's easy enough to understand.


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