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Eric's Autos: 2021 BMW M440i

Eric Peters on

What's Good

The straight six survives!

It's less pricey than a new M4 -- and almost as quick as last year's M4.

There are functional back seats and a serviceable trunk.

What's Not So Good

The price has gone up -- a lot. Last year's M440i stickered for $51,350 to start.


There's no more manual option; there's no more option to not buy all-wheel drive.

The mild-hybrid system adds considerably to the car's cost to buy without greatly reducing its cost to fuel.

Under the Hood

Like the M4, the M440i comes standard with BMW's 3.0-liter dual overhead camshaft inline six cylinders, goosed by a pair of turbochargers. Unlike the M4's version of the six, the M440i's six is also supplemented by a 48-volt mild-hybrid system that quietly cycles the engine off and on to save gas and lower emissions.


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