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Dave's Garage: 2020 Toyota Camry TRD

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Stock car racing used to be based on stock cars -- production cars you could buy, modified to race.

Today, it's the reverse. The race cars are cars you can't buy, with the production cars modified to look like the race cars.

Such is the case with the latest iteration of Toyota's Camry sedan. The one you can buy is a front-wheel-drive car with an available V-6 engine; the race car has a V-8 engine driving the rear wheels -- without the rear doors.

But now you can buy a Camry that looks like a race car -- with a wing on the trunk, even.

Plus rear doors that aren't stenciled on.

What It Is


The Camry is the bestselling midsize family sedan on the market. It comes with either a four- or a six-cylinder engine and, for the first time, a wing -- if you order the new Toyota Racing Development, or TRD, package.

The TRD package also includes a racy-looking front end with a contrast-color chin spoiler, side-sill extensions and handling/braking upgrades over the stock Camry. Unfortunately for race fans, there's no V-8 option on the menu.

Prices start at $24,425 for the stock Camry L with a less racy four-cylinder engine; Toyota now offers all-wheel drive as an option -- something the race Camry doesn't have. But you have to step up to the LE or SE trims to buy it, and it's only available with the four-cylinder engine.

The V-6 engine is standard with the XLE, XSE and the new TRD trims -- all of which are front-wheel drive only.


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